We are an international technology company dedicated in automotive intelligence, new energy, modular, costanalysis,etc.

We can provide modular architecture solution through intelligent databasesystem, in five dimensionsmaterial,performance, structure, cost, suppliers chain.



E1_ Sandy's First Impression
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  • E1_ Sandy's First Impression
  • E2_ Fit and Finish
  • E3_ Hood and Frunk
  • E4_ Sandy Proposes Cowl Cover Clip Redesign
  • E5_ Suspension Insight
  • E6_ Wiring, Brakes, Quick-connects, Rear Body Structure
  • E7_ Front Impact Structure, Snap-Fit Lamp, and Rotor Serviceability
  • E8_ Q&A from Comments and View of Things to Come
  • E9_ Aeroshields MY-M3, Hood Alignment, Engine Bay Rail Reinforcements (SORB)
  • E10_ Potential 3rd Row Seating, Ingress_Egress, Rear Door Service Latch
  • E11_ Door Flange Welds, SPRs, HIC, ABS changes, and EPP foam
  • E12_ Floorpan, EPP Floor Risers, Commonality through Stanchions, and Wiring Observations
  • E13_ Comparing Model 3 eAC to Model Y Heat Pump
  • E14_ Rear Mega Castings and Structure, Trunk Tub, Potential Tow Location
  • E15_ Tailor Welded Blanks, Body Side Inner, Welding Comparison MY-M3, Parts Raffle
  • E16_ Electric Motor Comparison MY-M3, Industry review of Electric Motors, Table for Sale
  • E17_ Next-Gen Wiring (Or Not), Front EDM Mounting, and Octovalve Preview
  • E18_ Instrument Panel (IP) Assembly & Comparison MY-M3
  • E19_ Center-mounted PDC, 12V power, and ADAS Hardware V3
  • E20_ Noise, Vibration, and Harshness Countermeasures, Cooling Pack, and AGS
  • E21_ Headliner Comparison M3-MY, B Pillar Integration, and Questionable Trough Mods
  • E22_ Changes inside the Model Y Front EDM and Comparison to M3
  • E23_ Octovalve Manufacturing Processes, HVAC Summary, 3D Printing, Patreon Giveaway
  • E24_ Opening up the High Voltage Battery and Comparison MY-M3, Pyro Fuse
  • E25_ Glass Day at Munro
  • E26_ Tow Package, Mega Castings Revisited, Weld Splash, Hunt for the _Teslaract_ Cube #2
  • E27_ Rear Suspension, Signs of Air Suspension to Come, and Rear EDM Summary
  • E28_ Inside the High Voltage Battery, Refinements from the Model 3, and Airbag Deployment
  • E29_ Down to the Naked Body-in-White (BIW) - Oil Canning, Roof Racks, More Insulation
  • E30_ Advantages of Module-Built Door Construction and Lessons from the Past
  • E31_ Environmental Stewardship on the Exterior Trim, Door Modules, and Motor Bay
  • E32_ High Voltage Battery Comparison - Cylindrical vs. Prizmatic vs. Pouch
  • E33_ Sparks Fly for a Breakdown of the Body-in-White
  • Delivery of 2nd Model Y-AutoDatas
  • E34_ AutoPilot, Acceleration, and Turns on Rails in the Second Model Y -1
  • E34_ AutoPilot, Acceleration, and Turns on Rails in the Second Model Y -2
  • E35_ Individual Battery Cell Removal and Comparing the MY-M3 Battery Modules
  • E36_ The Octovalve Episode
  • E37_ Body Structure Internals Revealed, Hot Formed Steel, SPR's and More
  • E38_ Seat Day at Munro
  • E39_ Spoiler Alert! Sandy Talks About Electronics, Body Controllers & Steering Rack
  • E40_ Mega Wrap Up Episode - Top 10 Takeaways and Future Plans -1
  • E40_ Mega Wrap Up Episode - Top 10 Takeaways and Future Plans -2
  • E40_ Mega Wrap Up Episode - Top 10 Takeaways and Future Plans -3



Teardown photographs;BOM;Assembly flow; Exploded view;Welding details; Glue distribution.


Packaging; Parameters; Ergonomics; K&C; Handling; NVH; Fuel economy; Component Performance; Materialresearch.


Typical sections; 2D/3D point cloud(integral vehicle body, D&C,IP,chassis,battery pack,e-motor,wiresasy, etc.).


Strategfic cost cooperation with USA Munro&Associate Inc. Independent integral vehicle costing systeminclude theseat/IP/E&E/e-Motor/e-Control/battery pack, etc.


Appearance, Gap and Flush, Switch Force, Gloss, Visual, Smell, Sound, Touch, Convenience, Handling,etc. subjectiveassessment.


Lightweight, Vehicle platform, intelligence, new materials and other innovative researches.